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Higher quality for the animals.

We do not supply inferior-quality goods from which people profit while animals pay the price. Our demand ambition is to make the best possible contribution to good animal nutrition. With premium, safe feed that contains the right quantities of nutrients and balanced ingredients.

Quality and diversity

A large part of our raw ingredients is processed into premium feed in the pet food segment. We observe the trends in this market and also import specialities and specialist raw ingredients that have been analysed and certified in line with European food law standards. Alongside excellent variety in the bowl, this also ensures an attractively diverse range from quality-conscious manufacturers.

Science and efficiency

A further portion of our goods is also used in livestock farming. Alongside the nutritional aspects of the feed, the purchase price is also crucial in this sector. We achieve an optimal price–performance ratio here for our customers with raw ingredients that are strictly controlled in accordance with the GMP+ FSA standard.

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