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More reliable for manufacturers.

We support our customers as a “one-stop shop” in the procurement of legally compliant raw ingredients. With our GMP+ FSA–certified quality management system, among other things, we ensure continuous transparency in the supply chain and minimise any risk for our clients.

Experience and security

In product development, we provide advice regarding the difference in quality between supply sources, find solutions in the search for new raw ingredients and help with identifying savings potential by exchanging raw-ingredient types. With our global network of suppliers and trade partners and our broad portfolio comprising more than 150 quality-controlled raw ingredients, we offer many classic and exotic options for the manufacture of healthy and balanced animal feed.

Reliability and efficiency

We thus save our customers the effort of completing their own laborious market and supplier research associated with the import and export of raw ingredients and overcoming cultural, logistical, customs and qualitative challenges. Furthermore, we support their frictionless production operation via just-in-time deliveries from our warehouses in northern, western and southern Germany.

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