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Comes with all our products: transparency.

High-quality nutrition is the basis for a healthy, energetic life – and with products from animalPro nutrition, you can rely on 100%-traceable quality. Our range comprises animal and plant proteins, PremPal, fishmeal (including from MSC-certified fisheries or ASC-certified farms), deep-frozen and freeze-dried products (DF and FD), functional raw ingredients, vegetables and herbs, yeasts, and mixes. All raw ingredients originate from food processing facilities; animal by-products fall under category 3 (as per EU Regulation 1069/2009).



We are MSC certified. 

Look for the blue

MSC label.

Superfoods? With great pleasure!

In feed for livestock farming, raw ingredients with defined health-promoting properties have been in use for some time. Due to an increase in nutritional awareness on the part of many consumers, especially high-performing ingredients are becoming more commonplace in the pet food segment, too. Sought-after raw ingredients such as chia, spirulina and yucca make up our standard range here and can even be ordered in mixes.

Individual mixes: APN ProBlend™ – your unique competitive advantage.

Our strengths also include providing advice with regards particular ingredient concepts and recipes for pet food. Thanks to our global network of producers and supply partners, we continue to stand out within the premium segment in the procurement of the desired quality and the creation of unique mixes.

Of course, you can also benefit from complete quality control of the raw ingredients used thanks to “open recipes” – from the source to the bag. And what’s more: our ready-to-use ingredients save you elaborate grinding, mixing and portioning, which simplifies and accelerates your production considerably. Customers also choose APN ProBlend™ for a more efficient use of storage space and improved liquidity.

The following mixes are examples and can be adapted to your needs:

APN ProBlend™ „Legumes“ (pea, lupin and broad bean)

APN ProBlend™ „Eco Fruit“ (various fruit pulps, homogenised)

APN ProBlend™ „Italia“ (Parma ham flour, chickpea flour and chestnut flour)

APN ProBlend™ „Scandinavia“ (reindeer, salmon and pea)

APN ProBlend™ „Asia“ (rice, sweet potato, prawn and tuna)

APN ProBlend™ „Atlantic“ (salmon and herring)

APN ProBlend™ „Superfoods“ (sweet potato, chia, pumpkin, yucca and cranberry)

APN ProBlend™ „Grain Free“ (sweet potato, banana and chickpea)

Our products

Are you looking for raw ingredients that are not listed in our overview?

No problem – send us an email or call us.

We look forward to your enquiry. Our products are suitable for the following consumer groups (we will happily provide advice on individual suitability):

  • Tierische Proteine/Animal Proteins
  • Tierische Fette/Animal Fats
  • Fischmehle/Fishmeal
  • Fischöl/Fish Oil
  • TK Produkte/Deep-frozen Products
  • Vegetabilien/Vegetables
  • Pflanzliche Öle und Fette/Vegetable Oils and Fats
  • Lecithine/Lecithins
  • FD Produkte/Freeze-dried Products
  • FD Fleisch und Innereien/FD Meat and Offal
  • Funktionelle Zutaten/Functional Ingredients
  • Algen/Algae
  • Gemüse und Kräuter/Vegetables and Herbs
  • Inaktive Hefen/Inactive Yeasts
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